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Experience The Power of Excellence In Long Tech Named USB Mobile Charger, USB Mobile Phone Charger, LED Driver PCB...

About Us

High standards in electrical and electronic products is the result of two things, one is quality components and the other is advanced technology. Investing in both of these to make and maintain high quality standards in products is Tech On Electronics, a quality-conscious producer of USB Mobile Charger, USB Mobile Phone Charger, SMT PCB Assembly, LED Product Driver PCB, USB Cable, Bluetooth Ear Phone and other products.

Our production house having installed with smart machines and precision tools is located in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India. From this setup, deliveries to the worldwide market are made without any delay and hassle. All tasks, from production to delivery are performed with quality and timely completion in focus by our smart and dynamic experts.

There's factor of high cost-effectiveness in all our products, which impresses customers. Along with this, we impress our clients with our ethical dealing way, smart payment acceptance modes and scheduled delivery.

We, as a manufacturer, service provider and exporter, perform business tasks smoothly and ensure the best service is rendered to customers in the form of Electronic Circuit Board Job Work and PCB Assembly Soldering Work.

Our People, Our Strength

Reaching at a top requires a company to have stable financial status, advanced production techniques and technologies and most important a team that works with dedication. We, at Tech On Electronics, have desires of reaching at the top because we have all the same. Our major strength is our team of 50 experts, who excel professionally. Their great wisdom is the reason we are producing fine quality products and making deliveries in international markets timely.

Our Brand

Our line of USB Mobile Charger and other products is different in quality and this is best symbolized with our brand name, which is Long Tech. This is our very own brand name, largely trusted for quality. From national to international market, our brand name is much appreciated because solely quality is served under this name.

A Widely Trusted Company

Our company is widely trusted because we provide the following:

  • Exceptional in value electrical products
  • Variety of electrical products
  • Prompt delivery of products
  • High technology based fine electrical items

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